Wrongful Death Seminar


Dr. David Curry, Human Factors expert for Solution Engineering Group, will be conducting a seminar along with Dr. John Meyer, of Edison Engineering, entitled “Accident Scene Investigation and Documentation”. The seminar is sponsored by the National Business Institute (NBI) in Indianapolis, IN on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

The seminar is structured for the needs of attorneys, insurance professionals, claims managers/adjusters, mediators and hospital risk managers. Dr. Curry’s seminar is part of a continuing series of educational programs that NBI produces and sponsors, providing continuing legal education for professionals and qualifying for CLE’s, continuing legal education credits.


Drs. Curry and Meyer will focus on topics including:
• Eyewitness sensory issues (including visual perception, attention, and the limitations of the human perceptual system)

• Witness memory and recall (including confabulation and the effects of both misinformation and information obtained after-the-fact)

• The impact of cellular phone use (considerably different from the information commonly portrayed in the popular press) and

• Accident scene investigation, practical methods to get the most information possible and technology that can help with scene documentation.


Their lecture is highly interactive providing attendees with a fresh understanding of witness memory and recall along with practical and useful information about accident scene documentation , best practices and technology.

You can register for the seminar at:

www.nbi-sems.com or phone 800-930-6182.

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