Photography and Videography

One of the fastest and most used methods of documenting a scene is photography and video capture.  Solution Engineering Group experts know that documenting a site accurately requires more than taking a few photos or videos as other factors come into play besides lighting, focus and field of view.  Care must be taken to make sure that photos have context and can be identified, the angle of a photo must be considered if photogrammetric analysis is going to be used to determine dimensions, and complete coverage from different angles is important to keep from missing important details once the scene is no longer available.

Solution Engineering can also work with existing photos to bring out information which might not readily be seen including manipulating image properties to bring out detail and matching photos that can be used for photogrammetric analysis (have a link to the photogrammetric page).   We will provide edited videos that will expertly convey technical information in an understandable way and we can supply photos digitally, printed and mounted on foam core boards.