Laser Scanning

Solution Engineering Group provides fast, accurate, and detailed laser scanning for capturing 3-dimensional measurements to duplicate anything from vehicles to objects as large as buildings or even terrain.  Hundreds of thousands of individual measurements are gathered each second along with color images that are mapped onto the points to create a photo realistic, 3-dimensional environment, of the object or area that can be utilized at a later date. The data can also be exported to a number of programs for CAD drawings, surveying, dimensional analysis, 3d modeling, visualization, building information modeling (BIM), or animations.

Solution Engineering laser scanning services includes uses in:

Transportation Systems

  • Accident Investigation and Reconstruction
  • Low and High Speed Vehicle Collisions
  • Rail Systems and Warnings Investigations
  • Vehicle deformation and Impact velocity determination
  • Line of Sight Issues
  • Site and Vehicle Documentation
  • Evidence Preservation

Building Systems (BIM)

  • Document existing structure and facilities
  • Collapses, Environmental damage or design defect
  • “As-Built” drawings or Design verification
  • Bridges, Mines, Piers, and Tunnels
  • Piping and HVAC


  • Aircraft, Airports, and Ground vehicles

Fire and Explosions

  • Commercial / Residential / Industrial sites
  • Chemical spills, Environmental Catastrophes 


            Crime scenes and Firearm related issues