Drone Surveying and Modeling

A bird’s eye view can provide a perspective often overlooked at an accident or inspection site.  If you need to see large areas at once or something high above a normal viewpoint, Solution Engineering Group has tools to help.  Using Drone Aerial Photography, we can get a view high enough to capture acres of land or focus in on a detail high above the ground.  The drone generates both video and stills of the flight.

If you need to see a long stretch of skid marks on a roadway or the structural integrity of a roof, Solution engineering can provide the view.  Our insured drone pilots are FAA trained and operate professional equipment, not toys.  We will travel anywhere to get the photos or videos you need.

  • Up to 400’ in altitude
  • Licensed, FAA trained Pilot
  • Professional equipment
  • Large area static shots
  • Close up views of objects high above the ground
  • Tracking shots for testing

SEG experts in this discipline:
John Kidd