Ballistic Testing

The increasing cost of natural disasters is driving researchers to find better materials and new construction designs to protect infrastructure, property and lives.  Solution Engineering Group is working with inventors and researchers to test these new ideas with our ballistic cannon.  Capable of shooting construction lumber at more than 100 mph, the cannon is the tool prescribed for use in the FEMA, ASTM and Dade County missile tests and it can provide valuable data about the storm worthiness of a structure, building component, equipment or material.

The cannon can be used to propel construction debris and hail, duplicating the known behavior of airborne “missiles” that are characteristic of powerful storms.  Hail simulations can also be used to test the storm worthiness of aircraft and ground based vehicles.  Other kinds of projectiles can be used to simulate the effect of roadway debris hitting vehicles or personnel.  If a custom application is required, the cannon can shoot materials tailored to your requirements in excess of 100 mph.