Laboratory Services

With the benefit of our own in-house laboratory, our engineers provide timely and dependable data through testing that is customized to fit the needs of each individual client.  Whether testing to an existing standard or working with clients to design a new testing protocol, Solution Engineering Group’s large in-house laboratory facilities provide you with a multitude of testing options that are fully instrumented to capture the data you need. We can conduct routine testing but Solution Engineering’s lab is particularly well suited for specialized testing that requires out of the box thinking and creative, customized, fixture creation.  We welcome client participation during tests to make sure you have

Our capabilities include destructive and non-destructive testing, the ability to design test protocols, fabrication of custom test fixtures, conducting one-off tests to tests running for millions of cycles, part inspections and measurements, accident recreations and product certification.

As an independent laboratory, we can provide impartial test results that is often required by certification agencies and for matters of litigation.

Our laboratory services include: