Graphics & Displays

In cases of litigation or circumstantial evidence, the documentation of evidence and visualization of a sequence of events becomes critically important to an investigation.

Solution Engineering Group provides visualization services to fulfill this need and can meet client requirements of function, appearance, and transportability. We perform precision measurement, machining, carpentry, plastic fabrication, sheet metal forming, welding, casting, coating, sand-blasting, and carving for the recreation of subjects to scale or full size. Dynamic scale models, 3-D models, computer animation, and photogrammetry represent only a few examples of the visualization options available to our clients.

Computer animations are the perfect medium for showing motion, assemblies, and paths of travel.  Graphic boards and scale displays remain in front of the audience for the full presentation allowing for quick and easy referencing.

Visualization services include:

  • Animation/Simulation
  • Graphic Design & Evaluation
  • Measurement Analysis
  • Photography
  • Video-Photography
  • Scale Models