Muzzle Device Types for Firearms


Solution Engineering’s Chief Firearms Expert, Sven Jonsson, has written an excellent overview of the different types of muzzle devices used for firearms and the issues each are intended to address.  “As the projectile leaves the barrel, gas pressure is released at the end of the barrel—known as the muzzle—and escapes in all directions. This excess energy is released in the form of sound, heat, light, and pressure.” The multiple categories of muzzle device represent attempts to utilize or compensate for these byproducts of weapon operation.

The oldest class of muzzle device is the suppressor, “designed to reduce the sound and flash of a firearm by providing an enclosed container where the expanding gasses expelled from the muzzle can slow and cool down.” While the result is a definite quieting of the weapon, film and television depictions of suppressors often overstate the effect and hearing damage can still result even with their use.

There are three other types of muzzle devices that Jonsson details in his article.  Jonsson concludes that there are a wide variety of devices made for firearm muzzles, and that each comes with its benefits and corresponding downsides.

In an accompanying video interview, Mr. Jonsson shows the types, benefits and issues involved with each type of muzzle device.  He also details his approach to investigating firearms mishaps in his role as a Solution Engineering investigator.   For a thorough understanding of firearms muzzle devices, their characteristics and uses, his article is a must-read.

Check out Mr. Jonsson’s full article Here.

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