Investigating Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses that Have Been Exposed to a Fire


Daniel Roig, Ph.D. has released a whitepaper and accompanying video interview entitled “Investigating Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses Exposed to a Fire”.  It gives a glimpse into the process of a structural investigation and the impact it has on the parties involved.  “Because the need for safety can be in opposition to the involved parties’ desire to keep a structure intact, evaluation of a third-party firm such as Solution Engineering is vital in providing a non-biased opinion of the building system.”  Dr Roig goes on to explain the process he uses to investigate the incident and determine the best choices available to restore a property and minimize cost. 

Metal Plate Connected Wood trusses are a key part of modern-day construction and Dr. Roig deftly explains the uses, construction and issues associated with common structure fires and trusses.  Attorneys, insurance adjusters and property owners need expert advice on the structural soundness of a truss system after a fire.  From floor trusses to attic/roof trusses, he explains the reasons why fires can affect trusses differently than other construction methods and the role of utilities in both the investigation and the decision on how to proceed. 

After a fire, what can appear to be a total loss to the untrained eye may, in fact, be salvageable. In the article, Dr. Roig goes on to explain how wood trusses can be affected by elevated temperatures and the length of time they are exposed, how the metal connector plates play a part in the evaluation of fire damage and the importance of reading a “char layer”.

In an accompanying video interview, Dr. Roig walks the viewer through a truss fire test that compares two different fire scenarios, allowing him to demonstrate the kinds of different conditions he comes across during a fire investigation.  In his white paper, he provides a case study that provides a real world understanding of the investigation process.  Dr. Roig provides valuable insight into an experts roll in guiding attorneys, insurances companies and property owners through a difficult time of getting life back to normal after a fire.

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  1. Excellent whitepaper and video, Dan. You look very scientific.

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