Failures in Concrete Buildings


Roger Machut, Civil Engineer, releases a new video: “Failures in Concrete Buildings”.  In the 3-minute video, Roger Machut, Senior Consultant for Solution Engineering’s Construction Group, explains the relationship between concrete and the reinforcing steel meant to strengthen it.

In the video, Mr. Machut explains that “Water intrusion can cause de-bonding of the concrete and reinforcing bar inside”.  He goes on to describe the causes of water intrusion and remedies that can prevent large scale failures in concrete structures.

Having spent over 30 years in the field of Civil Engineering, Roger Machut has extensive practical experience that he brings to bear on issues of failure analysis.  Mr. Machut has demonstrated his communication skills as the president of two corporations, a US Marine Brigadier General (retired) and as an expert witness for litigation matters. 

Check out Mr. Machut’s bio Here.

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