Sven Jonsson, Firearms Consultant

Sven Jonnson brings his knowledge and experience as a firearms designer and manufacturer to head up Solution Engineering’s Gun Investigations group.  As lead firearms investigator, Mr. Jonsson consults on all aspects of weapon related failures, design questions and manufacturing issues. 

As a formally trained Architect, Mr. Jonsson has the scientific background required to investigate matters involving the Firearms Community.  Backed up by Solution Engineering’s Material Sciences, Human Factors and Mechanical Engineering experts, Mr. Jonsson can help solve even the most difficult Firearms problems. He consults on all aspects of firearms related issues including catastrophic failures, design concerns, operator mishaps, manufacturing problems, weapon function, ammunition and aftermarket equipment.

 As part of Solution Engineering Group, he has the resources to document accident site geometry and condition with laser scanning, photogrammetric analysis, areal drone photography, 360-degree photo walk-throughs and total station measurements.  Accident re-creation and firearm testing can be done in the SEG onsite laboratory and private offsite live fire range.  Chemistry, material analysis and corrosion testing are also available.

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