Roger R. Machut, PE, LEED AP

Roger Machut is a Senior Civil Engineering Expert for Solution Engineering Group.  He consults on all aspects of roadway design, bituminous and concrete paving design, runway pavement design, stormwater management, utility design, site development, and surface and groundwater flooding.

Mr. Machut has over 30 years of practical professional experience in civil engineering, in both design and construction applications.  Combined with decades of holding positions of leadership in various organizations, Mr. Machut has developed a unique ability to express the complex in ways understandable to individual audiences, allow each group to take action or make a decision.  As a solution creator, he equally identifies root causes of failures, inefficient methodologies, and unsustainable construction.  Adding to his total professional credentials is the Mr. Machut’s 33 years of service in the United States Marine Corps, from which he retired as a Brigadier General.

In addition to his extensive career in professional engineering design and construction projects for private, municipal, state, county, federal and industrial clients; Mr. Machut has an equally extensive career delivering civil engineering investigative projects, reports, and testimony.  Examples include an examination, findings, and opinion of the causation of design and maintenance of concrete and bituminous pavement runways as contributing factors in plane crashes, the explosive force on a reinforced concrete floor due to high temperature forging ovens, building basement flooding events, and slip and fall injuries.

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