Roger Machut, Civil Engineer, releases a new video: “Failures in Concrete Buildings”.  In the 3-minute video, Roger Machut, Senior Consultant for Solution Engineering’s Construction Group, explains the relationship between concrete and the reinforcing steel meant to strengthen it. In the video, Mr. Machut explains that “Water intrusion can cause de-bonding of the concrete and reinforcing bar inside”.  He goes on to describe the causes of water intrusion and remedies that can prevent large scale failures in concrete structures. Having spent over 30 years in the field of Civil Engineering, Roger …Read More

On September 11th, 2001, the passengers and crew of United Flight 93 intervened to stop their plane from being used in an act of terrorism. Their heroic actions prevented the aircraft from becoming a weapon but, cost them their lives when Flight 93 crashed in a Pennsylvania field. Through their selfless sacrifice, other lives were saved. In honor of the forty passengers and crew aboard Flight 93, the National Parks Service is building a memorial in Stonycreek Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, near the town of Shanksville. The monument will be …Read More

Solution Engineering’s Chief Firearms Expert, Sven Jonsson, has written an excellent overview of the different types of muzzle devices used for firearms and the issues each are intended to address.  “As the projectile leaves the barrel, gas pressure is released at the end of the barrel—known as the muzzle—and escapes in all directions. This excess energy is released in the form of sound, heat, light, and pressure.” The multiple categories of muzzle device represent attempts to utilize or compensate for these byproducts of weapon operation. The oldest class of muzzle …Read More

Daniel Roig, Ph.D. has released a whitepaper and accompanying video interview entitled “Investigating Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses Exposed to a Fire”.  It gives a glimpse into the process of a structural investigation and the impact it has on the parties involved.  “Because the need for safety can be in opposition to the involved parties’ desire to keep a structure intact, evaluation of a third-party firm such as Solution Engineering is vital in providing a non-biased opinion of the building system.”  Dr Roig goes on to explain the process he …Read More

Roger Machut, P.E, LEED AP, has released a whitepaper and accompanying video interview entitled “The Case of the Exploding Concrete”, a thorough discussion on the investigation of an unusual industrial accident.  With decades of experience in the field of Civil Engineering as well as a distinguished military career, Mr. Machut is uniquely qualified to address this subject and does so with the precision of a well-practiced professional. In a step by step recounting of the investigation, Roger shows the reader how science and observation are used by our experts to …Read More

We are pleased to announce that John Kidd has joined Solution Engineering!  John brings years of technical experience in the areas of engineering support, laboratory testing and site documentation.  John will be heading up our Firearms Technology and Aerial Drone services. Thanks to John’s efforts Solution Engineering now holds a Federal Firearms License and is a Certified California DOJ laboratory capable of testing firearms and firearm safety devices intended to be sold in the state of California.  Under John’s guidance SEG will perform tests prescribed by the California DOJ with …Read More

John Fildes, Ph.D. has released a whitepaper and accompanying video interview entitled “Technical Investigation in Litigation”, a thorough and knowledgeable discussion of the methods used to produce expert analysis for litigation purposes and the ways in which this process can be improved. With decades of experience in the field, Dr. Fildes is uniquely qualified to address this subject and does so with the precision of a well-practiced professional. “The realities of a case are not under anyone’s control, but the effective discovery of those realities and the framing of their …Read More

Combining a career talk with a hands-on learning experience and a tornado cannon made for an ‘out of the ordinary day’ for a group of local high school students participating in the Upward Bound program from Waubonsee Community College. Jeff Williams, President of Solution Engineering Group (SEG), provided several Upward Bound students with an overview of the engineering, science and technical services offered by the company followed by a tour of the facilities.  Upward Bound is a federally funded initiative that provides support, motivation and academic preparation to help students succeed in college. During the laboratory tour, the students were shown how scientific and engineering tests …Read More