Solution Engineering Group provides the transportation industry with expert accident reconstruction, failure analysis and engineering design solutions.  Our Experts have worked with a wide range of vehicles including automobiles, motorcycles, forklifts, railroad locomotives, buses, trailers, off-road and construction vehicles.  Clients rely on our engineers to provide science-based, technical solutions to their vehicular questions while understanding the needs and scope of the case.  Additionally, Solution performs testing and design evaluations of a large variety of transport vehicles. Our engineers have experience with safety evaluations, design analysis and performance testing.  Whether reconstructing an accident, testing a vehicular component or developing new technologies for the transportation industry, Solution Engineering Group provides answers.

  • Accident Investigation & Reconstruction
  • Failure Analysis
  • Full Litigation Services
  • Mechanical Testing & Analysis
  • Product Liability Assessment
  • Crash Data Retrieval
  • Vehicle Path Reconstruction
  • Accident Scene Documentation
  • Materials analysis
  • Human behavior/performance evaluation
  • Product safety standards analysis
  • Welding & joining analysis
  • Vehicle fire cause & Origin
  • Tribological evaluation & testing
  • Research Library


SEG experts in this discipline:
Dave Curry
Normand Dube
Tom Long
John Meyer
Steve Navalany