Safety and Risk Management

Being aware of safety issues is the first step to taking the proper precautions to prevent accidents before they happen.  Solution Engineering Group’s Experts will conduct thorough risk assessments on systems, factories, warehouses, equipment and procedures; evaluating design intent, design considerations and tradeoffs, usage, warnings and safety messages, guarding, maintenance procedures, and compliance with government regulations and industry standards.  We can use a team approach when looking at issues with multiple interactions, leveraging disciplines such as Human Factors to add scientific data on human performance and interaction which is paramount in examining safety issues.  Our large Laboratory facility can gather data on proposed or existing systems, identifying remedies to problems.  Solution Engineering clients turn to us for safety management with the understanding that we bring unbiased expertise to bear and, at the same time, work within the scope of the project to achieve a safe workplace or product.

  • Construction safety
  • Facility safety
  • Warehouse and pallet rack assessment
  • Occupational safety
  • OSHA compliance assessments and assistance
  • OSHA program review and development
  • OSHA VPP Gap Analysis
  • Problem solving and continuous improvement
  • Process safety management
  • Product safety
  • Safety and health management systems
  • Slip, trip, & fall incidents


SEG experts in this discipline:
Dave Curry
John Fildes
John Meyer