Mechanical Engineering

The application of mechanical properties plays a critical role in improving product and system design and in determining the cause of failure.  Solution Engineering Group’s Engineers have the education, training, knowledge and experience to conduct an investigation for your issue.  When necessary, our experts can work as a team to cover all the facets of in an investigation.  They have the support of Solution Engineering Group’s full service laboratory as well as technicians who can help acquire and interpret data while keeping project costs down. Solution Engineering will provide an unbiased and science-based assessment of questions you have and will work within the scope of your project to provide the answers.  Design evaluations include:

  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Heat Transfer Assessment
  • Mechanical Component Design & Analysis
  • Mechanical Systems Design & Analysis
  • Vehicle Design & Analysis
  • Energy Conservation Assessment

SEG experts in this discipline:
Charles Ogborn
Dave Curry
Tom Long
John Meyer