Intellectual Property & Patent Infringement

Solution Engineering Group provides the expertise and experience to assist clients with both intellectual property as well as patent infringement disputes. We utilize the full breadth of multidisciplinary engineering, scientific and laboratory resources to perform testing and analyze technical drawings, schematics and processes.  Our Experts use the viewpoint of “One of Ordinary Skill in the Art” to assist with claim construction and evaluate prior art. This analysis is used as a guide to develop opinions related to infringement and validity.  Solution Engineering’s rigorous approach to intellectual property claims result in defensible opinions and a thorough understanding of complicated technical issues.

Typical patent consulting projects may involve:

  • Mechanism analysis and/or testing
  • Prior art research extending beyond traditional patent searches to commercial embodiments
  • Software and Circuit evaluations
  • Design of non-infringing alternatives
  • Materials evaluations


SEG experts in this discipline:
Dave Curry
John Meyer