Human Factors

Human Factors is the scientific discipline concerning the interaction between humans and the physical world, including consumer products, equipment, facilities, operational procedures, and the environments in which they are used.  Solution Engineering Group has Human Factors specialists who can help your case by focusing on the often-neglected human element. It is common for an accident blamed on machinery failure to be, at least in part, the result of Human error, and our Experts can confidently explain the science behind this. Human Factors is an important part of any team approach to finding the most complete answers for your difficult technical questions.

  • Vision and Visibility
  • Reaction and Response Time Under Various Conditions
  • Operator Performance Characteristics for Machinery and Systems
  • Slip, Trip, And Falls
  • Equipment Accessibility
  • Reach Envelopes
  • Anthropometric Considerations
  • Application of Cognitive Capabilities And Performance


SEG experts in this discipline:
Dave Curry