Electrical – Electronics

Solution Engineering Group serves the electrical and electronics industry with a staff of experienced engineers, scientists, technicians and support personnel.  Our Experts have the education, training and experience to conduct an investigation that is tailored to meet the specific needs of your matter.  They will develop an action plan that is scientifically sound and capable of revealing a solution to the technical problems you are encountering.  Typically, plan elements can include site documentation and investigation, information research, the application of engineering and scientific principles, and on-site or laboratory testing with clearly communicated reports and opinions.

  • Electrical accident investigation & evaluation
  • Design analysis & performance evaluation
  • Electrical fire investigation & analysis
  • Electrical component testing & failure analysis
  • Electrocution / electrical shock evaluation
  • Intellectual property analysis
  • Product safety issues
  • Electronic materials analysis
  • Microelectronics evaluations
  • Semiconductor materials & products analysis
  • Manufacturing process evaluations
  • Litigation investigative services
  • Printed circuit board analysis


SEG experts in this discipline:
Normand Dube
John Fildes
Peter Schubert