Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering (CE) encompasses the buildings, bridges, utilities and infrastructure, roadways, water management and structures that make up modern civilization.  The Civil Engineering Group of Solution Engineering is able to make sense of any Civil Engineering matter you may be involved in. 

Our CE experts have decades of experience in designing and managing the construction of related projects, both in the USA and abroad. This experience enables them to identify causes of failures, design problems or process mishaps.  That experience includes a deep understanding of common and advanced materials used in Civil Engineering projects.

Our experts are experienced in concise client communication and routinely provide testimony for depositions and in State and Federal courts.

  • Material evaluation such as concrete, composite materials, bituminous pavements, stone, steel, timber and sealants.
  • Slips, Trips and Falls.
  • Fires and Explosions.
  • Transportation systems design and construction issues including roadways, bridges, airports, railroads and supporting infrastructure.
  • Pavement materials, systems and installation.
  • Concrete structure failures, construction and design.
  • Large- and small-scale water management, rainwater runoff and flood control systems.
  • Construction project management.
  • Site inspections and documentation with laser scanning, drone photography/video, photogrammetric analysis, 360-degree camera walk through/tours.

SEG experts in this discipline:
Roger Machut
Dr. Daniel Roig
Charles Roig
Dr. John Fildes