Solution Engineering Group Experts address all aspects of aviation issues, including ground operations and facilities, aircraft and support equipment, and pilot behavior.  Using a team approach, we match the right Expert or Experts to your specific scope and technical needs.  We provide a full range of field and laboratory support that enables our Experts to implement an investigation plan quickly, providing you with science-based solutions.

Our Engineers, Scientists and Support staff offer these services and more:

  • Wreckage reconstruction
  • Documentation and evidence preservation
  • Occupant safety/crashworthiness analysis
  • Human factors/pilot Behavior
  • Accident research
  • Fire and explosion investigations
  • Electronics
  • Computer simulation
  • Material evaluation
  • Corrosion assessment

Product Testing

  • Static and dynamic load testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Torque testing
  • Fatigue testing
  • Specialized fixturing and modeling
  • Customized Mechanical Testing
  • Corrosion testing


SEG experts in this discipline:
Dave Curry
John Fildes
Tom Long