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Solution Engineering Group (SEG)


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We are a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting and technical services company located in Montgomery, Illinois. Our clients include private individuals, insurers, manufacturers, industrial processors, utilities, government and law enforcement agencies and their representing attorneys. We offer engineering consulting, investigation and analysis, customized and routine testing, accident investigation and reconstruction, pretrial and courtroom testimony. We maintain a staff of engineers, scientists, technicians and support personnel you can call on to solve your problems. Solution Engineering distinguishes itself with a highly professional engineering and technical staff. In addition, SEG offers visual, knowledge and laboratory services. Our clients count on us to provide solutions to even their most difficult problems.

Being members of a collegiate group that collaborates as needed, our experts offer their technical expertise with a “Fighter-Pilot” mentality in that they are supremely confident, tenacious, and responsive. They are driven by their passion to find the truth and to provide the correct answer to our clients’ needs. As an independent consulting firm, we know that you can’t prepare a strategy until you have all the facts available. Solution Engineering Group will apply an array of scientific knowledge and investigative techniques that will provide you with that information.


Tenacious, responsive service

Independent and unbiased integrity

Creative, innovative and big-picture thinking

Engineers and scientists that are problem solvers first

Onsite, full-scale laboratory and testing services